I sometimes spoke on the phone to a new developer whom I currently mentor. He's just starting in a company, and (as usual) things were difficult for him. What kind of motivation did I give him?

"There's more trouble ahead," I warned him. Why, Justine, will you reassure a wailing child that there will be more pain ahead? I told my younger friend that the corporate world is NOT for the faint of heart (and it will never be)

Creating a business is akin to being enslaved (for some time). However, if you do not accept slavery now, you will be forced to do so very soon.

Because they were afraid of becoming slaves yesterday, a large number of people became slaves today. I'm writing to assist those of you who have started a business and are having difficulties.

Don't give up!

And be cautious! Don't despair!

Take heart! Take heart, take heart, take heart!

My first few years in business were a living hell, but I'm grateful to God that I persevered. Today I'm in the sky (actually?). If today's slavery cannot be sustained, tomorrow's freedom would be impossible to obtain.

Here are some options for those of you who are still "considering" starting a company.

Go ahead and start your business!

It's not going to be easy!!!

It won't be easy, but if you can make it through these few years and improve along the way, you'll be king.

Support it so that it can continue to exist.

As you go, make sure to learn and learn how to run a profitable business and how to be competitive in the corporate world.

I want you to be successful.