What no one tells you about Agriculture

Even though "good jobs" are no longer available, most people are still unaware of agribusiness's potential. We want an immediate re-orientation! Since agriculture is our country's business and blood, we must begin by looking at it. Farming is a profitable enterprise.
In Kenya, farming can be a lucrative business if you know what you're doing. The first issue we face in convincing Kenyans to accept agriculture is that most people consider agriculture dirty. Since our great grandparents were subsistence farmers, we developed this mentality. They were well but not wealthy or filthy. As a result, we've come to the wrong conclusion about farming as a whole.
The good news is that farming can be a lucrative business for you. There are a lot of prosperous digitized farmers. Produce from farms will still be in high demand.
The corporate world is in a state of flux. A product that sells well today can not sell well tomorrow, but farm produce is different. People must eat three times a day, and since we only have a finite amount of food, we must eat similar foods week after week.
If you like me, you're not going to resist bananas and apples, because yesterday you ate them. People that love watermelon, candy, beans, green gram, etc., won't say, 'I bought the other week so that after a month or so, I'm going to buy it.' The majority of us eat fish or meat every day, so demand for meat will certainly continue to grow. Poultry birds, chicken, turkey, and so on, will always be in demand on the market. You will be encouraged to go to the farming business if you understand this.
The population of Kenya is growing at a high rate. I want to be able to stop it, but I can't.
What has this to do with Kenya's agriculture? The more people are in a specific environment, the more dynamic the agri-business is.
People eat every hour, not every day. You can't afford to buy everyday clothes or shoes. You can't buy cars hourly when you buy food for food. People have to eat. This understanding is sufficient to encourage you to enter the farming business.
Gold is still to be mined in the agricultural business in Kenya.
Don't be afraid to start your farm.