People in business know your client!


The word client is now used to such an extent that very few people are still aware of what it indeed is supposed to signify.

The client is, and always is, the MOST IMPORTANT of any company, whether it is or not. Whether you have leased a glass office, employed MBA staff and made a gorgeous product does not matter. If clients do not buy the products or services you offer, you do not have any company.

You now realize why they are saying, 'The King is the client.'

Do you believe every entrepreneur should be the first step before he even opens his firm if a consumer is the most crucial company feature?

You're right. You're right. First, your consumer must be identified!

Who's the consumer you aim to start for your product or service business? What does she want? What does she want? How, where and when would she want it? What doesn't she enjoy about her existing product or service, or where is she living and doing business? How much could she afford to offer for this product? Will she be more sensitive to your product's price or quality?

As your responses grow correct, your company will become more successful and wealthy.

Understanding the consumer implies you ALWAYS should look at your company from a customer's viewpoint. Whatever your tastes or preferences are, they will not purchase it if clients do not want or like anything you offer. It is not a matter of course. And your company will perish if people can't buy it!

Here is an excellent case in point.

Hassan is a successful businessman who wants to build a company using ice cream. Fortunately for him (via this essay), he has just learned that he must identify and understand his target clients if he wants to succeed in his company.

"Who's my customer?" he wonders to himself.

He does some basic research on the market and learns:

Who's the client of Hassan?

His clients are youngsters who attend primary school and nursery five days a week in his town (Mondays to Fridays).

The afternoon is hot, and they always search for something calm, delicious and cool to make up for the thirst and heat.

Coldwater and Coca-Cola are their present alternatives.

The kids desire something delicious that they can enjoy while cold water is inexpensive and pleasant.

Coca-Cola is delicious, but it is more costly and can be afforded by only a few youngsters.

The top three choices for ice cream for youngsters are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours, which they usually like in tiny bowls not to melt away.

These youngsters are likewise enthusiastic about buying a pleasant seller's ice cream and will likely stay loyal.

Bingo! Bingo! Something struck Hassan!

Hassan has put himself up for success when he identifies his consumer since he now knows what to do to please them.

Well-conformed clients are usually successful.

The following day, when the school doors open, Hassan waves from his ice cream car with a broad grin on his face directly in front of the students.

You don't need to be a prophet to forecast that the business of Hassan will thrive and prosper as long as he keeps giving his clients what they want, what they want, where it's wanted and when they want it.