How i Learnt the Secret that Successful People Don't Tell You

Over the years, I have seen the lives of many great followers worldwide. I've read many critical biographies of entrepreneurs, politicians, and spiritual leaders.

I learned much about why these people succeeded while their fellow students struggled. Some of these factors vary from person to person, but one is always the same: men and women are educated.

Too many assume that I'm concerned about school when I talk about college.

I suppose you might be wrong.
I remember reading the autobiography of Bill Clinton (former US president). When he was a young man, one of the most inspirational things about him was reading 300 books in two years.

Clinton continued to read this odd act, which was a significant reason for his political success.

You would have a dilemma when you wanted to sleep in the same room as Abraham Lincoln since Lincoln would wake up in the middle of the night and start to read aloud.

"Don't knock every time I enter my library." Jimon Ibrahim is a Nigerian millionaire with a funny rule for his mom.

Many years ago, Bill Gates built his vast mansion, and the library was at the top.

One of Nigeria's most influential leaders has been Obafemi Awolowo. It was 1987, the year he died, when I had an opportunity to read an article in the newspaper.

Awolowo thought anyone who wanted grandeur could read great books at least 4 hours a day (not scholarly ones).

I understand that you may be too busy for that day, but you can take time all week.
Reading doesn't have to be exclusive to books; it can also involve reading fantastic posts like those I share in this blog. 

Nobody has ever achieved success in life, business, politics, or theology without being a voracious reader.

But why should you ask?

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Let me show you. Allow me to demonstrate.

Exceptional awareness makes you stand above others, either in politics, in companies, or in some other profession. They have no choice but to bow because they know far better than those around them. For leadership, you will pray.

This practical experience I believe in having this.

Thankfully, every year in Nairobi, in the business school on the Lower Kabete campus, I had to read 30-50 books on self-design. These books have given me a lot of knowledge my fellow men would never have.

I remember reading and making more friends in my classroom than in others. "How to make friends and influence others" everyone was quiet when I stood before my class talking. I recall reading 'the art of talking to the public.'

I recall that I read a lot, and any time I met my friends or political competitors, it would bring me to beat them, hands down.

At one point, one of the most popular clubs on my campus wanted me to be their chief. As many people contested the position, I felt like it was a small post. I had trouble with my fellows, but the club's stakeholders needed me.

Why is it like that? I had the mental capabilities to accomplish this community with the grace of God.

When I was about to finish my studies, I read so many exciting books on business and financial success that I wondered why I was not good enough on earth.

This mathematics, if you get it, is primary.

If you are a politician, you challenge facts. The more you read your manifesto, the more you will sell it to the public.

I sometimes noticed the photos or words in the letter while walking with friends or seeing political posters. I will recommend the best way to treat them.

In various ways, marketing tactics are political campaigns. What your products are, makes no difference; bad marketing will destroy your business.

Knowledge is used to extract strategies.

Let me now reach my point. The authentic sources of knowledge are a giant conspiracy. Although we should all recognize that education is the key to growth, most people call it schools.

I was hoping you could take my word because I am asking you what I know. Could you take my word? Nobody has achieved significant results by simply graduating or attending the best school.

Today, the most prosperous people you see are men and women who rule the world with great wisdom while their peers sleep or watch soccer games in bookstores.

But you won't be told by them. Nobody has time, except those fed with the high unemployment rate in the country, to tell you their secret.

In his book Unlimited Power, Anthony Robbins says there is no surprise that worldwide errors exceed victories and that most people don't read exciting books. Most people want to read the first two pages only.

Nobody wants to say this, but you can't be pleasant if you don't know what you are doing.

Your intellect is your life's most precious asset. You need to read business books if you want to succeed in business.

You must read books and biographies about politics and history if you want to influence politics (not the kind school forced you to read)

To succeed in life, you must learn a lot about your career and what it takes to achieve excellence first. You have to learn a lot about it.

You will need to provide an overall understanding of life and progress.
The person with ears will hear what I tell Africans and the rest of the world's awareness is the secret to success, and if you want to succeed, you must take on responsibility for your education.